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VentTech is a family-owned and operated business serving Halifax, Dartmouth and surrounding areas.

We love this area and the people that live here. So we make it our steadfast commitment to leave every customer thoroughly satisfied because that’s just the right thing to do.

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Lower Your Heating Bill!

Dirty vents reduce air flow efficiency and therefore causes your furnace to need to run longer in order to heat your house.

As you can imagine, this increased your home heating costs in a number of ways:

Your electricity or oil bill is going to increase, you’re going to need to replace your furnace filter more often, and the life of your furnace will be reduced. You’re also going to run into more broken furnace parts and unexpected maintenance expenses.

So get ahead of the curve! Clean your vents, reduce your heating bill and reduced unwanted repair expenses.

Reduce Allergies!!

That big grey coating of dust inside your air vents looks a lot like the coat have a big friendly dog… And Interestingly, it’s not a bad comparison. They both are full of allergens!

It might be a bit unpleasant to think about, but dust is primarily made up of skin cells that have died and been shed by you and your family. This in itself can be an allergen, but it doesn’t stop there.

Dust mites, tiny bugs which many people are sensitive to, feed primarily on these castaway skin cells. So, the lining of your vents is full of dust mites!

Book your duct cleaning service today to be rid of these unpleasant allergens. You will breathe easier.

Remove Unpleasant Odours!

Dust is a very absorbent material.

Whatever orders have been in your house are absorbed by this dust. So, if there’s been smokers living in the house, Wednesday night fish fry dinners or other unpleasantness, you may be finding that these odours linger in your house and just will not go away.

Oftentimes, the solution is to have your ducts cleaned. When that thick carpet of dust goes out the door, so do the unpleasant odours.

Reach out to us today for a free no obligation quote on cleaning the dust out of your ducks and getting the unpleasant odours out of your lives.


I highly recommend this business to anyone! Chris Mahoney was upfront in his communication, friendly and efficient with cleaning my heat pump!

Kay Payaban

Thanks so much Kiara I really appreciate the positive review!!
~ Chris Mahoney

I was very impressed by a job well done! Great service: veryfriendly, helpful, and informative. My heat pump looks and runs like new! I highly recommend this company!

Joanne Giles

Thanks so much Joanne, it’s such a pleasure working with amazing customers!! It really makes for a positive and productive day. All the best!! ~Chris Mahoney

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