Perhaps this is one of the most important articles themselves, we...

Perhaps this is one of the most important articles themselves, we recommend that each user to read the whole thing.

Each client, who first came to our site and want to order a goods directly from China raises the question - how to do it correctly? How to pay, how to choose, how to calculate the time and cost of delivery? On these and other questions, we will try to answer in this quick overview.

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1. Structure of the site or any service we offer

Once logged in, you see before you a fully functioning service for ordering and delivery of goods to any country in the world. It includes the following mechanisms:

- Huge catalog (about 1 billion), which is divided into categories and subcategories. Also products that do not fall into one category, so if you have not found the desired product category - do not despair, just try to find it in another way, which will be described below;

- In categories, products are classified by suppliers and brands, which also simplifies navigation;

- Calculate the approximate cost of delivery via shipping calculator;

- Personal account, where you can track your orders, write comments to them to replenish their accounts, view and modify personal data, etc.;

- Payment Order: by using embedded online merchants, representing more than 100 different payment systems adopted worldwide;

- Delivery service: We offer as it's own shipping and delivery of national operators.

2. Dealing with product catalog and how it does not get lost

The first thing you need to do - choose the items that you need in our extensive catalog. This can be done in several ways:

1) In a tape of search on the main page, just by writing the name of the product there that interests you. It can be as simple name and brand or model of the desired product. This type is the easiest, but not always leads to a correct result;

2) Use the categories of product groups that are on the site. Categories for easy browsing, as their name already clogged those product groups that are there. Main categories exhibited at the main page on the left in the list. To see a list of all categories, visit the link under the list;

3) already experienced users can try searching for suppliers. They mainly sell more or less the same type of goods, so finding the right one unit of product, it makes sense to click on the "All Items" and look at it similar items that may interest you.

Each item has an identifier (ID), specified in the address bar of the Internet browser and a digital form such a plan - 14216355419. If you find the product directly on the site Taobao, you can copy the ID and logging on to our website, instead insert a product ID , we find exactly what you need.

Items on the site are also grouped by brand. That is, if you, for example, you need clothes or shoes Reebok, you can choose this brand and see all the products that belong to it.

In addition to the major brands, the list of which is on a separate page, listing brands have a filter that displays all branded products in any category, including found brands of Chinese manufacturers.

In the future, will be supplemented by a list of filters that will further simplify navigation and search the right product on the website.

3. Shipping costs to the consumer.

Please describe what kind of delivery methods we offer our clients and how they differ among themselves.

EMS - China International Aviation Service delivery of goods worldwide. Special speed and cheapness is no different. With the increase in weight of the package, price for 1 kg reduced proportionally. Unfortunately, experience has shown that between it's branches in other countries, the Chinese communicate poorly, on the principle of "the goods are already in Russia and we know nothing more." However, there are certain guarantees as moments disappearance parcels in a way not found. Speed of delivery - 15 days ... It should be noted that the practice of slow delivery at EMC extends only to the CIS countries and Ukraine and reaches up to 35 days or more. With that, without the ability to track the parcel. In all other regions of the world are almost flawless delivery and take 14-21 days via EMS, while, on the ability to track tracking persists ..

China Post - also a Chinese national operator. Delivers the goods through the same national operators in other countries: Ukrposhta, Russian Post, etc. Also is neither cheap, nor the speed - it is about the same as in the EMS. But a sluggish 2-3 times for the CIS countries and Ukraine. Package Tracking impossible. Disappearance of parcels also we're found, so if another service can not deliver the parcel to your edge, a reason to use their services there.

China Post Airmail - Chinese national air mail. Also collaborates with national postal operators in other countries, and transmits only send them. Weight restrictions parcel - 2 kg. Otherwise the goods or sent several parcels if it is possible or necessary to choose another service. Among the advantages - low prices at about $ 20 per 1 kg of cargo. However, this is one of the slowest deliveries in China - delivery time can be up to 2 months in the CIS countries and Ukraine. Especially during holidays and seasonal loads. That is, if your order is placed by weight above 2 kg, the term does not play a role and want to save on shipping - this service can be selected, because it is cheaper shipping small packages you will not find.

Tao Market Works - our internal delivery service, which works exclusively with clients Tao Market. Delivery time: 7-20 days. Full delivery, including customs and internal delivery passage, with a margin fit in 20 days. TMK flights today are held regularly at intervals of 2-3 days. Ie after the final shaping and packing your order within 7 days, it is already in your country. 3-4 days for customs control and 2-3 in the internal carriage and it is you. Load, thus, safe throughout the journey and, in case of loss or damage, the insurance company reimburses the full cost of it. Currently Tao Market Cargo delivers cargo only in the CIS countries and Ukraine, as it is with these countries there are difficulties with deliveries through other mail. In addition, through the Tao Market Cargo manufactured delivery medium and large cargo transported in containers by sea, railway and trucks.

It should be noted that the delivery method you choose can automatically when ordering goods. Find out the cost of deliveries to 25 kg you can on the calculator, located in the top right corner in the site menu. Calculations for more than 25 kg, you should contact your manager or contact our technical support as postage on more than 25 kg affected by additional factors ... Also for volume discounts.

4. Calculating the cost of delivery, or how to make Chinese goods we're profitable.

Now let's get to the cost of shipping orders. First you need to define the concept that flies goods from China, and it is far and hope that the delivery of it will cost to Ukraine at the level of national operators, at least, seriously. So if you find a pair of sneakers, which in Ukraine are $ 100 per 30 - do not expect to save $ 70 on a scratch. At least 20, or even 40 of them eat transportation of these sneakers in your city, plus the time, plus the inability to exchange ... That is, should think twice, not easier you go to the market, try to negotiate a $ 10 from the seller and get those shoes once more and have a beer with friends to wash new clothes ...

Another thing, if you want to buy your shoe also sports suit, plus a set of clothes for the child, plus new boots and dress for my wife and found it all twice cheaper goods other than the bored monotony of the local market and sufficient quality. Figured - total weight pulls 5-6 per kilogram, the price for 1 kg of delivery in this case will be approximately 14-15 USD / kg, which is within the 90 dollars, and net savings due to the amount - $ 200. And you still attracted friends and relatives to buy, order weight and increased price for 1 kg dropped to 12 dollars / kg - your benefit growing before our eyes!

Or if you are a businessman, own retail outlets for the sale of clothing and footwear, and want to purchase wholesale lots 100-200 kg - then delivery becomes unnoticeable percentage growth in the value of the goods, in comparison with that, how much do you sell this product at retail.

Ie, summing it all - buy in China is beneficial if you take a lot of explanation and, and, the more, the better! Postage dvadtsatitonnogo container with the goods, together with the manifest clearance such that 1 kg costs sometimes 10 cents! It is from these considerations, we made a limit on the minimum order and now stands at $ 50.

Speaking of customs clearance - this issue we deal exclusively, that is our life, taking this "headache" from your shoulders with any consignment. Customs clearance is not paid separately as it is included in the shipping cost.

It is also worth noting that in addition to delivery in the destination country, there is also an internal shipping by China, because goods supplier still has to bring to our warehouse in Beijing or Shanghai, and it is well worth the money. The cost of such delivery - $ 3 for a single provider. It is easy, at the same guess that taking all products from a single supplier more profitable than one product from another. This is one way to save money on transportation.

You can calculate shipping on our website using the calculator delivery, which is on the main page in the top right corner. In it, you choose the destination country, and make the total weight of the order. Calculator provides postage all possible services, and you yourself choose the one that best suits you.

Approximate weight on the bottom, under a photo of each item. This weight was written supplier and sometimes do not correspond to reality. Therefore, the total weight and thus one can calculate postage only approximately. Accurate data you get only after weighing parcels ready for dispatch from our Chinese warehouse. It may turn out that the actual weight differs from the declared (from practice - it happens quite often). If the actual weight was larger - will have to make to pay the difference, if on the contrary - the difference in shipping costs will be returned to the personal account.

When ordering, you can adjust the weight. That is, if you're certain that the selected item weighs a maximum of 500 grams, and has at least 2 kg - safely adjust. But it is not worth while to put understated digits (300 grams, for example) - still outweighed order and you will pay for shipping on the fact when weighing in China. That is, not engage in self-deception, it will not bring you benefits. In addition, it can affect the speed of delivery of your goods.

Considered reasonable service, which costs less than $ 20 per 1 kg. That is less than 1 kg at the most economical carrier - China Post Airmail. For example, in the Tao Cargo Market, this figure appears in the game from 3 kg and above.

Draw your attention to one very important factor: the ordering is very important to enter the correct shipping address, as well as working up, which is always (during delivery) within the network. It is necessary both to clarify some issues and for the courier service delivering the order. There we're occasions when the couriers came with delivery up to 7 times and could not deliver the goods due to incorrect phone number or address.

Attention! If you do not pay shipping, we will be forced to either sell your product for half of it's value and the proceeds to cover associated with your purchase, storage and sorting costs, and most unfortunately you will have nothing, and about any return of funds can not be and speech, as you know in advance our conditions and they we're originally agreed.

5. Personal account and that it do so.

Checkout our website for a client can only after compulsory registration. After going through this process he provided personal account where you can do the following:

- View and modify their personal data;

- To see a list of your orders and stage of their formation;

- To submit comments and corrections to the orders;

- Take a photo of goods that arrived at the warehouse and passing quality control procedure. Themselves are also sent in photos of Personal Account;

- Replenish personal account;

- Contact with customer support;

- Generate favorite sellers and products;

- Administer the website if you are an administrator or franchisor.

That is, as can be seen from all the above, through the LC actually carried out all the cooperation with us.

If you have formed and sent the order, you can browse through LK it's status:

1) Goods ordered - Your order is accepted for processing and sent our Chinese service to perform;

2) Payment Received - your funds for the order came to us;

3) Ordered on Taobao - your orders with the supplier and expected from our Chinese warehouse;

4) check stock in China - goods entered the warehouse, it was tested for marriage, matching parameters specified by the client, photo made goods;

5) Expectations customer response - photos goods dropped in LC to validate the customer. At this point you can see in the photo at LC and will have to take them without fail. If the goods are not satisfied - you shoot a photo of him tick, write the reason for rejection of the order and click the Save Changes button. If you are satisfied - you do not remove a tick, and just press a button;

6) Goods taken from a photograph - the order is accepted you, packed and shipped to your country;

7) Goods shipped from China - Chinese goods departed from the warehouse to your country;

8) went through customs in the "import" - goods passed through customs and transferred to the internal service delivery;

9) Has the customer - the goods arrived your address and recieve the courier or mail.

Also, there are two separate status:

1) Not tested quality - supplier turned crook he ended items, the goods of improper quality, etc. In this case, the goods shall be rejected and you will not be sent. Funds are returned to the Personal account. This item is designed to protect your assets from fraud and loss;

2) To be determined - you pointed out, not all parameters of the goods or goods with some parameters not. In such a case you need to write in the comments the missing information or specify options for the possible replacement of the goods.

6. Payment order: choose the easiest way.

Before describing the payment on our website, we explain the notion of payment for the goods from us.

First, disburse 100% payment in advance! No overhead charges, the first installment, after receipt of payment, etc. This product comes from China, and we therefore want to be sure to pay it.

Second - once you pay for the goods plus shipping. That is, the entire amount that is needed to deliver the selected product should be sent immediately and in full. Then, you can only make a charge if necessary, or we can refund the excess.

Payment scheme itself looks like this: you transfer funds via built-in services to your personal account, which is given to you at registration and is formed of a pay order ..

We now turn to the procedure itself payment.

Immediately report - cash deposit by Ukraine's impossible. At least for now ... There are only non-cash payments. The site has 4 built-in system of accepting payments: Pay2Pay, PayPal, Perfectmoney and AliPay. You can use any convenient system for yourself.

We will not paint each - about their principles of operation are similar. Let us consider the main - Pay2Pay.

In LK there is a tab Personal account, where operations are carried out by means of replenishment. Here we give the necessary amount of deposit in U.S. dollars and choose a system. In this case, we choose Pay2Pay and click Add Account. On the next page, just click Next and get to the payment system site Pay2Pay.

First, choose a convenient way for you to pay. There are several: credit cards (Visa and Mastercard), electronic money (LiqPay, Qiwi-purse, WebMoney,,, Yandex), mobile payments (Megafon, MTS), remittances (Contact, Euronetwork, Rapid) client-banks (Alfaklik), terminals (Comepay, USIP). These systems need to pay only passing them on to our site from your personal account (My Account) - Personal Account - Account funding. If you come to the payment systems directly, rather than through our site - you will not be able to make us pay.

Users of these systems generally know how to make them paid off, so their details will not paint. We note only that credit cards should always be open for online payments (usually passes or opening in the bank specialists in online systems or banks). Currency cards while not critical, because the system has a built-Currency converter that automatically translates your currency into dollars at the existing exchange rate on the payment date.

It should also be noted that payment systems have their fees for money transfer. In Pay2Pay it is 0.5% of the amount. That is your personal funds credited to account less of that commission.

The funds will be credited within a few minutes and you see them will be on it's balance sheet. He is shown on the main page of the top-center.


In this section we want to briefly again go through all the stages of product order steps in the same order as they are made on the site.

So, your order is fully formed and is in the basket. We go there and click Checkout.

Automatically turn to the five steps of ordering.

Step 1 - address, full name, country and phone number. All these data must be specified if you want to order come to you on time and without delay.

Step 2 - The weight of the goods. Set around. If you know the exact and see that it does not coincide with the declared - safely adjust! Do not know the weight or bearing it right - click Next.

Step 3 - Select the delivery method and, accordingly, cost calculation for it. At this point you can already see the final cost of the order with delivery.

Step 4 - pay the required amount. Ie transfer it to your personal account and then write-off for the goods at the end of registration.

Step 5 - finalization. Your funds are gone anyway, in the tab My orders came your first order. His status - Goods ordered. Congratulations! You first bought goods on the local market, and in faraway China.

Everything! Now patiently expect a call from the courier welcome things and do not forget to periodically look into the LC for prescribing necessary comments and receive images.

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