Always chat to the photographer if you want to find out more, they are usually really happy to help.

Find your perfect fit.

For me, this is more important than pricing. If you don't feel that you have a good connection with the photographer, it might end up a disaster. Don't forget, they are going to be with you at almost every moment during your big day so it's very important that you get along or gel well together. If you don't feel that 'spark' they are probably not the best fit for you 🙂

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Communication is also key. Don't be afraid to ask your photographer for any specifics you want, they're usually up for a challenge and happy to help (within reason, of course haha.) They should usually be in touch all the time around your wedding to make sure you're both on the same page and you know exactly what to expect from the day.

Editing & shooting styles.

As well as personalities, you have to really enjoy their shooting and editing style. If for example you love traditional wedding photography and very minimal editing, you won't want to book a photographer who has a documentary style and heavy editing. Photographers have taken a long time developing their shooting style, so if you don't really like what they offer just keep on looking until you find the one for you - they will be out there 🙂

If you're notreally sure what style you're after or if you want to ask your photographer about some different poses and fun things to do, I fully recommend using Pinterest. You can make a mood board and collect all the different styles of photographs you like the most. Once you start putting together your mood board, you'll start seeing exactly what style you're drawn to. This should help you on your quest to finding your ideal photographer. Personally, what I like to do is add brides to be on Pinterest - on my board I have a selection of fun and beautiful photos for you to look over. Once you start making your own boards, I can get a really good idea on what photos you'd want for your day! This makes your wedding day photography totally unique and personal to you both. And it's super fun.

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