Conciousness is a personal journey...

I am in several what are considered "conscious" groups on Facebook as well as have "conscious" friends on Facebook who constantly argue with each other on what true consciousness is - some say conscious people don't eat meat. They don't follow religion, they don't wear name brand clothes or date outside their race.

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To me being "conscious" is a personal journey no one can tell you what level your are on and how to define your love for your people and culture. They feel you have to be a community activist and grow your own food! That is so ridiculous to me and I refuse to be put in a "conscious box" or made to feel like i'm less than someone who is further along in their journey and knows a little more black history than me.

True consciousness is you living your life to the fullest and best of your abilities while letting your light shine so that others may see it and be inspired to change for the better. The best way to teach people or raise their consciousness it to LIVE! we got to stop putting people down or calling them coons because they don't live and think as you do some have not reached that level yet.

What does it mean to be conscious to you let me know what you think in the comment section below.

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