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Spices gives spicy taste sensations are like chili , pepper and red onions contain compounds called capcaisin . These compounds cause an increase in metabolism that helps in speeding up the process of burning calories .

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Improve Heart Health

Did you know that a chilli turns can reduce bad cholesterol in the body ! It can eradicate cholesterol accumulates in blood vessels, increasing blood flow to the heart . Often means eating spicy reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke .

Boost Immunity

Chili and pepper contain lots of vitamin A and C. Vitamins are very helpful in boosting the immune system . Eating spicy foods also prevent mild flu-like disease .

Improve Mood

Spicy foods such as chili , paprika , and pepper in the list turned out good food is consumed as a mood booster . The types of the pungent herb helps release endorphins in the body . Hormones are responsible for providing a sense of happiness and make a person more energetic .

Respiratory Relief

Chest tightness due to colds or other respiratory disorders , spicy food is a powerful natural remedy . Spicy foods can relieve respiratory and nasal congestion troubleshooting and warm chest tightness .

Help Aid Digestion

Yep, hot spices also aid digestion . Had problems with bowel movements ? The solution is spicy food . This spicy foods help boost work of the stomach and intestines so that the digestive process easier .

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