It sneaks up on you. It is not simply one event or particular instance but one day you understand that you are now a protector to your own parents. It is a heavy blow and somber at the same time.

You might be in your 50s and the whole of your life your parents have been there for you in a loving, parenting position and suddenly they are depending on you to assist them with the easiest activities or they need you to bring them up to speed on the technology that has completely eluded them. You can pass many hours teaching them but you are aware they will never really understand it or be able to keep up and it disturbs you. It disturbs you that your parent has become an individual that you don't understand. Your Mom or Dad is someone totally different from the person who loved and nurtured you all your life.

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You arrange to meet your Mom for a dinner date. She has lived in the area all of her life, however, she is totally perplexed on the location of the diner and ways to get there. You are obligated too give her an address and spell out directions and even then she is worried about your meeting and talks incessantly on which roads she will take and she really has no clue how to make calls with the mobile phone that you have insisted she carries. Your Dad has always been solid as a rock. He always knew what to do in any situation. Suddenly, he is of little help anymore because the earth as he knew it is totally different. You actually feel smarter and more perceptive now than your own Father and in many ways it concerns you. You don't ever wish to see your Father exhibit weakness.

One of your biggest fears is the realization that technology may one day escape you or you will have problems with easy tasks. You see this happen to your Mother and Father and somewhere in the shadows of your mind, with all the speedy daily transformations, you know it will probably happen to you as well. This is a fragment of the frustration you feel toward your parents. By watching them pass onto the road into their later years you are staring at your own life unfolding as you age.

Be loving and be considerate. Your Mother and Father require your love and tolerance and there is nothing for you to be afraid of. This is a natural course in life and it is your opportunity to give back the nurturing and attention that your Mother and Father gave to you while they raised you.

It has been stated that we must accept change. Never is it more accurate than with our aging parents.

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